Cannibal Dinner Party

So last night was the season five premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  Did you watch?  Between last season’s finale with heavy hints of cannibalism, the Hannibal tv series, and the very excellent film We Are What We Are (2013) I’d been imspired to create a cannibal themed meal of my own.

I admit, I took a lot of shortcuts and the end result was a hybrid of classy Hannibal and southern Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Cannibal dinner


The meal itself consisted of a bbq spread complete with chopped beef stuffed into a custom made rib cage, broccoli cheese casserole, cole slaw, loaded mashed potatoes and beans.  Very southern, right?  But then I decided to amuse myself putting the potatoes in a martini glass and topping with the beef, riffing off of the loaded baked potatoes commonly found in bbq joints.  My favorite piece of the entire meal may have been the cheese tray, however.

Flayed skin skull

Take a plastic store bought skull (make sure you wash this well prior to using), smear your favorite spread evenly over the service, and layer on prosciutto.  For this one I used a cream cheese chive spread.  My particular skull wasn’t thrilled to participate so he refused to stand up, but putting a little blob of the spread on the tray and directly setting the skull on it worked well to keep him in place.  This particular “Flayed Skin” appetizer is versatile, and has the added bonus of amusing and grossing out guests.

Cannibal dinner

Of course dinner couldn’t be completed without dessert, so a fruit tray was served alongside severed finger cupcakes.  You can find the royal icing fingers on amazon here, or find them at your local Michael’s.  If I hadn’t been short on time, I might have attempted to serve intestines  for dessert.

severed finger cupcakes


I’m very lucky to have friends willing to entertain my strange ideas, and I enjoyed every minute of this dinner.  Not onto planning an even more creative Halloween menu.

The Walking Dead finale cupcakes

The finale is tonight!  Have you been watching? Are you a fan?  I’m attending a viewing party, so I’m bringing cupcakes:

Edible zombies?

Edible zombies?

This was done with food coloring and edible paper. I’m sure fondant would’ve looked much nicer, but I keep hearing how it tastes terrible and frankly the edible paper was much cheaper.  Definitely know to make bigger cupcakes next time. I also found this recipe for intestines using puff pastry and whatever filling you desire.  Doesn’t it scream zombie?  I think I’m a sucker for macabre food.  So if I don’t end up making this for tonight, this recipe will be tested in the near future.

Who do you think will survive the finale?  I don’t have much in the way of predictions, but I strongly suspect we’re about to see some cannibals.  I sure hope so.  And did any horror fans recognize Denise Crosby in the last ep?  Loved Pet Sematary growing up (both book and the movie), and Zelda was the stuff of nightmares.