You’re Next Review

ImageThe setup is simple: four grown siblings with their significant others in tow head up to their parents extravagant but isolated home to celebrate their 35th anniversary.  Shortly after arrival, their reunion and celebration is cut short by homicidal men in creepy animal masks.

Not normally a huge fan of home invasion flicks, I admit I was skeptical going in to the theater.  This sub-genre, at least for me, tends to take itself far too seriously and end up coming across as drab.  So early on, You’re Next had me utterly confused with it’s twisted sense of humor and certain moments of overacting had me questioning whether the humor was intentional.  It is.  As if this isn’t enough, the movie takes a surprising but very pleasant turn of events that turns the home invasion movie on its head.  From this point on, the movie became a very fun thrill ride that had the entire audience cheering in glee.  To say anymore would be a disservice; the less you know going in the better.  This is definitely the type of movie best viewed with an enthusiastic crowd- the cheering, raucous laughter, and clapping only enhances the experience.  

Also noteworthy is appearance of horror vets Ti West (The Innkeepers, The House of the Devil) and Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, Puppet Master) in smaller roles.  

A highly enjoyable movie that manages to add something new.