So it begins…

When I was four years old my favorite movie was Ghostbusters.  It was the beginning of a lifelong obsession with ghosts, monsters, and all things that go bump in the night.  I needed to watch anything that might have a monster in it, and when my dad would go to the video store every weekend I could be found in the horror section.

Anything monster related was an instant hit, and of course that included Halloween.  Best. Holiday. Ever.  Once on a family vacation to Niagra Falls, I was smitten because there was a street in Canada that had three haunted houses to choose from- in July!  

My brother and I were latchkey kids, so it didn’t take long for me to corrupt him since we spent so much time together while my parents were at work.  In the summers I’d ride my bike to the video store and bring back bags of horror on VHS.  

Currently, I get phone calls all the time from friends who come across a horror movie and want to know if I’d recommend it.  If I don’t, they skip it.  

And lately, I have a couple of projects that got me thinking that maybe I should start a blog.  The first, I’m planning an October long celebration of Halloween (of which more blog posts will follow).  The second, my brother’s b-day is coming up so I decided to get him copies of our childhood favorites.  And by that I mean more underground or B-movie favorites.  Our list would be impossible to manage otherwise.  Even then, this list is hard.  I want to keep it manageable, but it’s tricky!

The b-day list so far:

Puppet Master
Monster Squad (it has monsters, it counts)
House II
The Blob
Ghoulies II (because I like it better than part 1)

I’m struggling because I’m constantly tweaking this list.  There’s plenty I want to add, but this list could go on forever.  Trying to shrink the list to the highlights of our youth is impossible, horror is who we are.

What about you?  What were your childhood favorites?