Lights Out News

Remember creepy horror short Lights Out that took the top spot on my Horror Short Round Up last year?  This online favorite created by David F. Sandberg, starring his wife Lotta, is now being turned into a full length feature.  The best part?  It’s being produced by James Wan!

Sandberg will be directing, and has also mentioned via Reddit that he’s aiming for more practical driven effects.  The full length feature, written by Eric A. Heisserer, has expanded to focus on an entire family being haunted by supernatural enemy.

It’ll be exciting to see how this terrifying short translates to a much longer story.  If you’ve never seen the short previously, or need a refresher, view it here.

lights out

Horror short round up

I’ve been on a horror short kick lately, fueled by viewing “Black Spot” followed by “Creak.”  There are so, so many online that I wanted to give more exposure and share some of my favorites.  These top 5 horror shorts will make you want to sleep with the lights on.  Clicking on the pics will take you to the video, but be prepared for potential nightmares.


5) Mama

Mama is scary when she's mad

Mama is scary when she’s mad

Does the name sound familiar?  It should.  The 2013 horror film of the same name was based on this 2008 short.  Both were written by Andrés Muschietti, though I must admit I prefer the short.  At just under three minutes, you get the complete story and the chills without the terrible theatrical ending.


4) One Last Dive


Night Dive? Pass.

In preparation for The Conjuring’s theatrical release, Vice challenged four on-the-rise horror directors to come up with one-minute, one-shot films inspired by the devil’s hour, 3:07.  Of those four shorts part of The Conjuring’s The 3:07 AM Project, Jason Eisener’s “One Last Dive” stood miles above the rest.  The tension, the sounds, the atmosphere all crescendo to one large scare.  And it only took a minute.


3) Bedfellows


Created by Fewdio, a group with a knack for making horror shorts, this one clocks in at just under three minutes.  A woman is woken up by a phone call late at night and is shocked to find it’s her husband on the other line.  But then…who is in bed with her?


2) Still Life



At just under nine minutes, “Still Life” is the longest short on my list.  Made in Canada in 2005, by director Charles Johnston, “Still Life” has a very Twilight Zone-esque premise.  When a guy runs out of gas driving through a small town, he discovers its inhabitants are all mannequins.  Why are mannequins so creepy?  This story had me utterly hooked.


1) Lights Out


Don’t turn off the lights.


This one has taken the internet by storm over the past few days for good reason.  It’s scary as hell.  I first watched this on my phone, held out as far away from my face as possible, and it still creeped me out.  David Sandberg won Best Director in Bloody Cuts Horror Challenge 2013/14 for this short, deservedly so.   It plays on your fear of the dark.  A fear I was sure I didn’t have until I watched this, and now I’m not so sure.


What’s your favorite horror short? There are many great ones out there, that I’ll probably post more in the future.