The Walking Dead finale cupcakes

The finale is tonight!  Have you been watching? Are you a fan?  I’m attending a viewing party, so I’m bringing cupcakes:

Edible zombies?

Edible zombies?

This was done with food coloring and edible paper. I’m sure fondant would’ve looked much nicer, but I keep hearing how it tastes terrible and frankly the edible paper was much cheaper.  Definitely know to make bigger cupcakes next time. I also found this recipe for intestines using puff pastry and whatever filling you desire.  Doesn’t it scream zombie?  I think I’m a sucker for macabre food.  So if I don’t end up making this for tonight, this recipe will be tested in the near future.

Who do you think will survive the finale?  I don’t have much in the way of predictions, but I strongly suspect we’re about to see some cannibals.  I sure hope so.  And did any horror fans recognize Denise Crosby in the last ep?  Loved Pet Sematary growing up (both book and the movie), and Zelda was the stuff of nightmares.

3 responses to “The Walking Dead finale cupcakes

  1. What brilliant cupcakes! Have fun watching the season finale of The Walking Dead, its on tomorrow night here in the UK, so will enjoy watching it then. Been a great season and I’m sure it’ll be an epic finale!


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