Mizfit Tha Menace


Horrorcore is defined as a sub-genre of hip hop that focuses primarily on horror related topics like satanism, cannibalism, supernatural, and so on. While Mizfit Tha Menace would fit under the horrorcore umbrella, it feels wrong to place his style in a tidy box simply because his sound is so different from others in the horrorcore sub-genre. Also because his music is so clearly intertwined with and inspired by horror films. He was kind enough to answer a few questions about his music:

How did you get your start, or rather what are your major influences (both in film and music)?
My influences musically are Eminem and Marilyn Manson, in terms of film its less specific. I honestly can’t pinpoint a single director/movie that had a major impact on my art, it’s more of the genre as a whole.

What are your favorite horror movies?
It’s hard to list favorite horror movies when there are scenes in almost every one of them that I enjoy, I can say that I favor the “Slasher” sub-genre of horror though. If I absolutely had to name a few that were special to me they would be: Psycho(1960), American Psycho(2000), Carrie(1976), and Hellraiser(1987).

Do you sell your music or is it only available on your youtube channel?
My current catalog of music is free to listen/download. You can listen free on my Youtube channel, downloads are located in the discography section on my website. Official albums will be sold online in the near future.

In addition to subscribing to your Youtube channel, do you have social media or a newsletter to keep fans updated on your music?
My website has buttons for all of my social media sites on it. For news specifically I use my Facebook, my twitter is a mix of news and rants.
Follow Mizfit on twitter
Youtube Channel: Horror Himself

 Did you catch that?  His music is currently free on Youtube.  Free.  So it costs you nothing to try.  Let me know what you think.



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