Interactive Fear

I’m not sure if it’s due to the success of the recent string of zombie themed 5Ks, but there have been a string of recent interactive horror themed events that have been popping up lately.  The events have expanded beyond running and even tie in to movie promotion now.  Here are a few of the events that have caught my eye:

1) The Purge: Breakout 

Purge Breakout

A clever way to promote the upcoming film, The Purge: Anarchy, set for release in July.  Under the scenario of having been kidnapped right before the purge is set to begin, teams of six have 30 minutes to look for clues and solve puzzles in order to break out of the room before the clock runs out.  Tickets are on sale in major cities throughout the U.S.  Which doesn’t include mine, or I’d probably snatch up a ticket.  And I suppose that says something about my competitive nature (or the effective marketing), because I didn’t even like the Purge.


2) The Great Horror Campout


If you’re more the outdoorsy type this event is right up your alley.  Twelve hours of overnight choose-your-own adventure style camping.  You can participate in the “hell hunt,” which is a scavenger hunt complete with scare actors that are ALLOWED TO TOUCH YOU.  Based on their website and other recaps of the event I’ve researched, this means they can tie you up or toss you in the trunk of the vehicle while you’re searching for coveted items on the scavenger list.  There are tents for sleeping, but based on your level of purchase, the scare actors apparently pop up throughout the night to keep your awake and terrified.  Maybe that sounds too extreme?  You can opt out of the hunt and roast marshmallows while watching horror movies instead.  Ticket prices come with dinner and a continental breakfast in the morning.  This event is also selling tickets throughout the U.S., and they’re not cheap.


3) Zombie Themed Cruise

zombie cruise

With the cities and woods covered, I guess there’s no place left for a zombie but the ocean?  With so many themed cruises available I suppose this was inevitable.  It looks like the mecca of zombie events, though.  Seven days of zombie activities, from zombie workouts in preparation of the apocalypse to a zombie prom.  This event is complete with special guests from all aspects of zombie fandom.  Easily the most expensive event on this list, but it is a seven-day cruise.


Would you participate in any of these?  If you already have, how was your experience?

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