Friday the 13th, Holiday Edition

This past Friday a scavenger hunt was held in 13 cities for Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.  Once the location in each city had been found, the city was then unlocked and reservations opened up for the advanced screenings this Friday the 13th.   Click here to rsvp for an advanced screening near you.  I have to admit, the PA series has been on steady decline but my curiosity is piqued for the spin off.

Or maybe you’d rather something more in the spirit of the holiday?  Catch screenings of holiday horror classic Silent Night, Deadly Night.  Click here for theaters near you.  Or, if you’re in the Houston area, check out the Alamo Drafthouse for tickets.  If you have an Alamo Drafthouse near you, I highly recommend you attend a showing here.  So much fun!

If I don’t attend one of the above showings, then I plan on staying in with friends, baking twisted holiday cookies, and watching classics like Sint or Rare Exports.  While those are directly tied to the season, I’m tempted to lump in favorites like the Thing or Cold Prey just for their setting.  What are you favorite holiday horror films?


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