Curse of Chucky Review

Curse-of-Chucky-CoverChucky is back, and this time he’s seeking his victims by priority mail.  Paraplegic Nica lives with her mother, though it becomes clear that it may actually be Nica (played by Brad Dourif’s daughter, Fiona) taking care of her medicated mother rather than the reverse.  An unexpected package arrives for her mother with no return address listed.  Inside, of course, is a newly made over Chucky.  Though the mother throws him away, Nica wakes in the middle of the night to a scream and finds her mother dead.

Nica’s sister, Barb, arrives soon after with her family and nanny in tow for the funeral and to settle affairs.  Naturally, the body count rises and Nica is the only one suspecting something may not be quite right with the Good Guy doll.

I was really stoked to hear this film was reverting back its horror roots, and the first half of Curse of Chucky met those expectations.  Nica’s house is large, old, and creepy.  Perfect for the sinister Chucky to disappear and reappear in unexpected places.  Curse of Chucky took its time building tension in the beginning; the family has no clue who Charles Lee Ray is or what they’re dealing with and he’s very patient in waiting for opportune moments to strike.  His new appearance was effectively creepy, and I’ll admit I was caught off guard the first moment he moved for Nica’s young niece.

The second half took a sharp decline, however, as the climax turned into a campy murder spree and Chucky’s appearance reverted back to something more familiar with the previous two entries.  I also have mixed feelings about the reveal of why Chucky chose this particular family to destroy.

A scene near the end features a cameo that will leave fans of the series smiling, and that grin will widen at the cameo featured after the end credits roll.

Overall, despite the weak climax, this was an enjoyable attempt to recapture the magic that was Child’s Play.

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