Fearshire Farms

If you’re in the Houston area and love haunted houses, I implore you to check out Fearshire Farms.  It’s a bit of a drive south of Houston, located in Angleton, TX, but for me it was worth it.  Maybe it is due to the location and still being a relatively young haunt, that Fearshire Farms lacked the overwhelming crowds that you find at more popular Houston haunts like Phobia or Screamworld.

There are three attractions at Fearshire Farms: Honkey’s Fun House, Dead End Corn Maze, and Fearsons Farm House.  There’s also a snack stand, a pavilion with picnic tables facing a large screen playing horror films, a bonfire to roast s’mores, and many actors (most with live snakes) interacting with guests.  So there’s plenty to do to keep you entertained in between attractions.

Another thing I absolutely loved about the place was the atmosphere.  The location gives it an isolated feel and the very dim lighting only contributed to the ambiance.  Once you walked past the pavilion you were in the dark as you moved from attraction to attraction.  Most of all, though, I loved the staff.  They were extremely personable, which you miss out on with the larger venues.  Everyone, aside from the actors who remained in character, were extremely helpful and friendly.  The Mad Hatter, who I suspect may be the mastermind behind Fearshire Farms, was often found moving from line to line inquiring if guests were having a good time.  The staff loves this place and it was contagious.

As for the attractions, each were well done but my favorite of the three by far was Fearsons Farm House.  This attraction is set in an actual farm house and each room was so unique with its own theme yet still cohesive to an overall theme.  The scares were varied; don’t expect to rely on the same scare tactic every time.  One of my favorite parts of this attraction was ending up in a creepy bedroom after pushing through a large closet full of hanging objects, and discover all doors are locked.  As you turn around to find your way out a creepy actor slithers out toward you.  The staff unlocks one of the doors to let you out right before the creature reaches you.  At one point I actually paused to marvel at a well done effect.  

This doesn’t diminish the fun of the other attractions, though, as both were well themed and a blast to walk through as well.  Each attraction managed to feel entirely unique and offer something that appeals to a wide range of phobias.  Does the thought of being chased by chainsaw wielding maniacs freak you out?  Are you claustrophobic?  How do you feel about clowns?  What about about a demented, dark farm in the middle of nowhere?

Then try out Fearshire Farms and let me know how you feel it compares to Houston’s other haunted attractions.

If you need a little more convincing, this place will be featured on the Travel Channel Oct 13th, on Halloween’s Craziest.


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