Friday the 13th and doll heads


I spent my Friday the 13th at Alamo Drafthouse for the Tommy Jarvis trilogy, which is where you should have been.  I only intended to stay for two of the three films, but had so much fun I stayed until the last credits rolled and the lights came up.  I was exhausted at work the next morning, but I regret nothing.  Besides sitting in a theater full of fans and a wandering Jason Voorhies, there were contests for the new Blu-ray boxed sets,  and Halloween Express donated hockey masks:

2013-09-15 14.07.27

Though not on the web’s calendar yet, October’s highlights were mentioned so I imagine I’ll be spending quite a bit more time here next month.

Also Friday the 13th marked the kickoff for my Halloween planning and diy projects.  A co-worker brought in a porcelain doll she found at a thrift store, and after seeing this, I promptly ripped off the doll’s head and hair.  I skipped the video’s instructions on using a razor to remove the glue and used nail polish remover.  It worked beautifully and without any damage to myself or the doll head.

So I picked up a night light this afternoon and now have a new object to terrorize friends with:

20130915_150729 20130915_150742

So I plan on sneaking this into the homes of unsuspecting friends to test the creep factor.  If successful then I’m thinking of attempting another and giving it a more Halloween-esque paint job.

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