The Pact (2012) Review

ImageAfter their mother’s death, Annie reluctantly returns for her abusive mother’s funeral when her sister has gone missing from their childhood home.  A supernatural entity makes its presence known immediately, drawing Annie further into her past as she works to unravel the mystery of her sister’s disappearance as well as discovering what this presence wants.

If you’re the type that needs all questions answered and everything wrapped up in a tidy bow, this movie isn’t for you.  If you’re the type that needs complex character development or characters that aren’t paper thin, then this movie isn’t for you.  Annie is not well drawn out, and she’s the only character you truly spend any time with, but lucky for her (and the audience) Annie feels more like the vehicle driving the mystery forward.  

What this movie has going for it is its mystery.  What is going on with her mother’s home?  What was so awful about their childhood?  What does the ghost want?  Annie is compelled to do everything she can to find out to keep the violently angry ghost at bay. After a while you become so focused on these questions that you stop caring that you’re not connecting with Annie’s character.

The Pact also has some truly creepy moments, including a nail biting climax.  My movie watching partner in crime actually screamed.  The hints throughout Annie’s journey gives the twist away, but it was still unsettling to watch it play out.  By the time the credits roll, the mystery is solved but so many questions still linger.  Like why is it called The Pact?  Seriously, did I miss something?  If you’ve seen it, please fill me in.

Despite its flaws, The Pact is still worth watching.

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